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Numbers - PwLF super list (levels A1, A2, B1)

All the Progress with Lawless French lessons on different types of numbers in one place. You can click "test your knowledge" for a focus kwiz, add this to your saved Notebooks (Premium only), or bookmark it in your browser.

Level AchievementScore Lesson Feedback  
A0 : Entry Level   Expressing dates in French
A1 : Beginner   Telling time in French - general 12-hour clock rules
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Using "une dizaine" and other approximate numbers in French
A1 : Beginner   Ordinal vs Cardinal numbers - Differences between French and English usages
A1 : Beginner   Ordinal numbers - 1st/2nd/10th/etc - in French
A1 : Beginner   Expressing numbers 70 to 999 in French
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Doing arithmetic in French - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
A1 : Beginner   Expressing large numbers -thousands/millions/billions - in French
B1 : Intermediate   Expressing dimensions and measurements in French (French Numbers)
B1 : Intermediate   Expressing fractions in French - general (French Numbers)
A1 : Beginner   Writing decimal numbers in French
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