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Conjugate prendre and derivatives in the present tense in French (Le Présent)

The verb "prendre" (to take) is irregular in Le Présent in French.

Learn how to conjugate PRENDRE (to take) in Le Présent (Indicatif) in French

je prends I take
tu prends You take (one person you know well)
il/elle/on prend He/She/We/one/people take
nous prenons We take
vous prenez You take (more than 1 person or formal)
ils/elles prennent They take


These other verbs ending in -prendre follow the same conjugation pattern

apprendre (to learn)
comprendre (to understand)
reprendre (to take back)

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Examples and resources

Tu apprends le français.You're learning French.
Je prends l'Eurostar.I'm taking the Eurostar.
On prend le train.We're taking the train.
Ils prennent une douche.They're having a shower.