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Verbes avec -MIR, -TIR et -VIR

French Verbs with -MIR, -TIR, and -VIR

Most verbs in -IR follow the same conjugation as finir (e.g. nous finissons).

However, most verbs in -MIR, -TIR and -VIR conjugate differently from finir.

The main difference is that these verbs don't have the -iss- suffix; actually, they drop the -IR ending altogether (except in Le Futur and Conditionnel).


E.g.   in Le Présent: ils finissent (finir)  BUT  ils dorment (dormir - to sleep)

        in L'Imparfait:  je finissais   BUT    je partais (partir - to leave)

                              vous finissiez    BUT    vous serviez (servir - to serve)                              


Here is a list of some of the most common -MIR, -TIR, and -VIR verbs: 

consentir to consent
dormir to sleep
mentir to (tell a) lie
partir to leave
repartir to leave/start again
s'endormir to fall asleep
se repentir to repent
sentir to smell / feel
servir to serve
sortir to go out