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Adjectif possessif

French possessive adjective

See also: Adjectif and Adjective Types

Possessive adjectives indicate ownership or possession. The English possessive adjectives are my, your, his, her, its, our, and their.

French has many more possessive adjectives because they have to agree in number and sometimes gender with their nouns.

Singular subjects have three possessive adjectives: masculine, feminine, plural

  • my = mon, ma, mes
  • your = ton, ta, tes
  • his = son, sa, ses
  • her = son, sa, ses
  • its = son, sa, ses

Plural subjects have just two: singular, plural

  • our = notre, nos
  • your = votre, vos
  • their = leur, leurs

For example

Je cherche mon sac et mes clés. - I'm looking for my bag and my keys.

Je connais ses frères et sa sœur. - I know his brothers and sister.

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