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Why is only one "Take test" button green


Kwiziq community member

3 June 2016

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Why is only one "Take test" button green

I started kwiziq on level A1. Meanwhile I am working on kevel B2. All levels from A0 to B1 show a green dot on the left. My scores in each of the levels are above 80%. Yet only the "Take Test" button corresponding to level A1 is green. Can you explain what that signifies and the condition when either a button or a dot turns from grey to green? Thanks, -- Chris. P.S.: I would like to filter only my questions or, even better, be able to subscribe to certain threads on the q&a page. Otherwise I can't find my questions and any answers posted to them. Otherwise great page!


Kwiziq community member

4 June 2016


Dots turn green when you pass 70%, the green "take test" button indicates the level of your initial test. This system will become more sophisticated rather soon though so don't worry.


Kwiziq community member

5 June 2016


Thanks for clarifyingthis.

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