When is a fact not a fact


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10 June 2016

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When is a fact not a fact

If someone knows when a shop is open, which is a fact, why is savoir used instead of connaître?

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French lesson "Connaître vs savoir = to know something vs to know how to do"


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10 June 2016


Bonjour Chris !

Very good question, thank you very much !

The lesson needed to be clearer on which structures are used with either verb.

Savoir is usually followed by a clause with a conjugated verb (know where he goes, what I'm doing ...) or an infinitive (know [how] to do something):
-> Ils savent à quelle heure le magasin ferme.   (They know at what time the shop closes.)

Connaître is followed by a noun (know <something>):
-> Ils connaissent l'horaire de fermeture du magasin.  (They know the shop closing time.)

These precisions have been added to the main lesson.

Merci et à bientôt !

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