What vs Who


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2 October 2017

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What vs Who

In my quiz question it began "Qu'est-ce que tu ....." and I answered "What .." but it showed the correct answer to begin with "Who .." I can't see how that is correct.

This question relates to:
French lesson "C'est quoi, Qu'est-ce que c'est ? = What's that?"


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4 October 2017


Bonjour Patricia, I am unable to locate the question in the kwiz that you are referring to; however, it is very possible that there is an incorrect question I know the team is quite appreciative to you for pointing this out as it helps them tremendously. In the meantime, here are a couple of locutions with their respective translations: qu'est-ce que --> that is what qu'est-ce qui --> that is what qui est-ce qui --> who is who J'espère que ma réponse vous aiderait. Bonne chance et bonne continuation dans vos études en français, la langue de Molière et qui a été utilisé par le monde français depuis l’époque d’Hugues Capet


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17 October 2017


"Qu'est-ce que s'est passé?" -- What happend. "Qui est-ce que tu as rencontré" -- Whom did you meet? Que = what. The final "e" gets nixed when followed by the "e" of "est". Qui = who. The final "i" is impervious to the vowel that succeeds it. -- Chris (not a native speaker).

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