What is the meaning of "Nous sommes avant vous dans la queue."?


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22 June 2017

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What is the meaning of "Nous sommes avant vous dans la queue."?

time: avant (before) space devant (in front of) So given the use definitions in the lesson, I am unclear the reason that «avant» is used relative to queue. To me queue is an indication of space as opposed to time. Please explain.

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23 June 2017


It means "We are in front of you in the line" Hope this helps!


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24 June 2017


A queue is also, by it's nature, a line of people waiting for something. Who is going to get to the front of the queue in less time? The people speaking are in the position of having joined the queue earlier than the other person. Thus they are going to get served before (in time) than the other person, as well as being before the other person actual terms of physical space. Hope this helps.

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