Weekend writing challenge: Level A2: Hi Viviane! How are you feeling today?


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11 December 2016

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Weekend writing challenge: Level A2: Hi Viviane! How are you feeling today?

Hi Kwizik Team, I read the related lesson on using the definite articles with body parts, so I'm wondering why one of the sentences in this writing challenge has the definite article, but the other sentence has the possessive adjective? e.g. : Correct answer: VIVIANE: Je ne sens plus mes jambes, Correct answer: j’ai des crampes dans les épaules, Why not write "les" for both "jambes" & "épaules" ? Cheryl


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12 December 2016


Bonjour Cheryl ! Here (re: mes jambes), it's a case of needing to specify which legs as the context is not that explicit. For example, the verb here is not reflexive, as in "Je me brosse les dents." (I brush myself the teeth.), in which case we're given the owner of the teeth within the sentence. Here we need to say "mes jambes" as opposed to someone else's. As for "les épaules", because of the clear context set up in the previous sentence, but also of the use of "avoir" (J'ai des crampes), the belonging of the shoulders is obvious, hence the use of "les". I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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13 December 2016


Thank you Aurélie, as always, it's easy once it's explained, Cheryl

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