Vous avez passé votre examen

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23 January 2019

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Vous avez passé votre examen

"Vous avez passé votre examen" according to google translate (and my intiution) means Vous avez passé votre examen.

But here it says: "You took your exam".

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23 January 2019


Yes. Strictly speaking,

Vous avez passé votre examen means you took  the exam, and

Vous avez eu votre examen is you passed it.

In practice, and according to two native speakers I am in touch with, that distinction is lost in practice.


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28 January 2019


I am certain from several French teachers that "passer" is used to mean taking a test.  I am told to pass a test in the English sense of pass is "reussir," to succeed.  So the French equivalent of "You passed your test" is "Tu as reussi ton examen."  (I can't type the accents on the e in reussir). 

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