Translation of "Elle a fait de la danse".


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13 July 2017

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Translation of "Elle a fait de la danse".

Why does the Kwik Kwiz say that "She took dance lessons" is the correct translation of "Elle a fait de la danse." instead of "She danced." which was marked as incorrect? There is nothing in the lesson that suggests why this might be so...

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13 July 2017


Hi Richard, the lesson explains "When using "faire de la danse" or "faire de la natation" (FOR EXAMPLE) rather than "danser" or "nager", you refer more to an organised, repeated activity (I do dance ...)" We'll make it clearer that means doing dance as in taking classes. Thanks for the feedback.


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15 July 2017


To say that she danced as a fact wouldn't you say Elle a dancé. .? Therefore the other is about a general activity?

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