The Delf experience in the video is really not as they make it out


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14 March 2019

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The Delf experience in the video is really not as they make it out

I was really upset (so upset, I have to write this in English) by the March 7th sitting of the DELF B2, as were many of my collegues who expressed the same sentiment: The oral comprehension was so extremely difficult.  It was a telephone interview, which sounded like it took place in a tin can.  I have prepared very well for the DELF B2.  I listed to France 1 everyday for 6 months.  By far, the selected interview for this test was the most difficult and the WORST quality of an interview I ever heard.  Furthermore, the speaker had a very low voice, and all his words were 'liasoned' together.

It seems to me that the want you to fail the B2.  At B1, they are so happy that you have come that far with French and are so supportive.  But at B2, they want to trick you and make it exceedingly difficult and set you up for failure.  It was extremely stressful and not happy time as expressed in this video.

I wish there was someone to express this complaint to, especially if I fail.

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14 March 2019


Hi Jessica, I hope you pass and that you find someone to tell your experience to. It is so important to feel suported when taking a test. Good luck with your next exam. Kind regards janet

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