Sorry, hit the wrong key. Question below.


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1 June 2017

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Sorry, hit the wrong key. Question below.

If the type of hurt is not specified (I hurt Olive yesterday.) how does one know whether it is an emotional or physical hurt? I hurt Olive yesterday was on an A2 test, and I wonder if it might be better on a comprehension type question like this to specify which type hurt the question is looking for. Thank you for your help on this, I appreciate it.

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3 June 2017


Bonjour Terri !

I agree with you that this question definitely needed a clearer context, and I've now added it:
___ hier quand je lui ai marché sur le pied. (I hurt Olive yesterday when I stepped on her foot.)

Note: for these types of specific questions, please use the "Report it" button in your correction board in the future  :)

À bientôt !

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