Reviewing the writing challenge


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7 October 2017

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Reviewing the writing challenge

When a writing challenge has been completed and submitted, a score is then given. There are also links to grammar lessons explaining some of the answers. However, I would like to be able to review the completed test, i.e. the questions and my answers, and I might want occasionally to print out the questions, my answers, and the correct answers. My internet browser doesn't seem to "capture" this in history: it only provides opportunity to re-do the test.


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2 November 2017


Bonsoir Elizabeth, On your dashboard, at the bottom of the page is YOUR TEST HISTORY. This shows all of the tests that you have completed. By clicking on the test in question, it should open in another page. Voila ! Alternatively, on the bottom of each page is the Help and questions section with a «Contact us» link. Possibly a better choice for this type of question involving the application. J'espère que ma réponse vous aiderait. Bonne chance et bonne continuation dans vos études en français, la langue de Molière et qui a été utilisée par le monde français depuis l’époque d’Hugues Capet Ron (un locuteur non natif )

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