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2 June 2016

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I understand why this is a contraction of "Que aiment" and therefore means What do they like, but why can't it also be a contraction of "Qui aiment" and therefore Who do they love?

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2 June 2016


Bonjour Chris !

The answer is simple: you cannot never contract qui into qu', as it ends in 'i' and not 'e'.

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !

ly fen

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22 June 2016


Bonjour, sometimes they write " si l'on ferait cela?" why there's the letter "L" between the si et on? thanks in advance.


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23 January 2018


I thinks it's because the 'le' (equivalent of 'it') is contracted to l' in front of a vowel so the sentence without the contractions would be: si le on ferait cela?

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