Plus tard


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14 June 2018

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Plus tard

"Adverbs of place and certain adverbs of time usually FOLLOW the past participle: 

e.g. tard, tôt,... and some adverbs ending in -ment

Il est parti tard."

But the "correct"micro-quiz answer for the placement of "plus tard" is at the beginning or end of the sentence. Does adding "plus" modify the normal placement of "tard"? 

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18 June 2018


Bonjour Paul !
The case of "plus tard" is similar to the English "later": it can be used at the beginning of the sentence, after the verb or at the end of the sentence.
Later, I went to the cinema.Plus tard, je suis allé au cinéma.
I went to the cinema later.Je suis allé au cinéma plus tard.Je suis allé plus tard au cinéma.
Bonne journée !

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