Please explain why this is not correct.


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25 April 2017

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Please explain why this is not correct.

un gros comme un camion éléphant

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French lesson "Adjectives usually go AFTER nouns (adjective position)"


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27 April 2017


Bonjour William, The word gros is the adjective, not a noun and either the elephant is being compared to a truck or the truck compared to the elephant, the exact context of comparison is unknown. Both nouns, the elephant and the truck are masculine. So the proper phrase would be: - un éléphant gros comme un camion or - un camion gros comme un éléphant The lesson part is #4: 4. Adjectives followed by a complement (à, de, pour, comme...) un exercice facile à faire an easy-to-do exercise une fille jolie comme un cœur a pretty girl (lit. a girl pretty like a heart) une barrière haute de deux mètres a 2-metre-high fence une casserole bonne pour la poubelle a saucepan fit for the bin J'espère que ceci au-dessus vous aide.

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