Passé composé

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15 July 2017

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Passé composé

In writing challenge A2 week 64: "Marie was born in Paris and she grew up in the capital". I've read that passé composé is for events in the past with a clear beginning and end. "growing up" seems rather fuzzy, so I went with " elle grandissait.." Why is that wrong?


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16 July 2017


It is possibly due to the fact that growing up has a distinct beginning and end


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17 July 2017


Bonjour Joakim !

Using "elle grandissait" here means that it's still in the process of happening = she was growing up in the capital.
In this context, she's done growing up, she's now an adult, hence Le Passé Composé.

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !

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