Je suis un élève

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11 March 2018

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Je suis un élève

Is it correct or should be considered as a profession like étudiant ?

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12 March 2018


Bonjour Nabeel !

Very interesting question.

Here both could be used, with slightly different contexts.

If you were describing your "professional" situation - i.e. what you do in life - then you would indeed omit the article: 
Je suis pompier, je suis professeur, je suis élève.

However, you could also use Je suis un/une élève in the following contexts:
- if you were mistaken for a teacher, and wanted to contrast your situation:
"I'm a pupil, not a teacher."  -> Je suis un élève, pas un professeur.

- in cases such as "I'm one of his pupils" -> Je suis un de ses élèves.

- if you described what kind of pupil you are:
Je suis un excellent élève.

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !


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17 August 2018


Hello, I know this is a cultural thing and no one can argue against it but really ... being a student is a profession? I don't think that I'd get too far posting on a resumee that I am a Student as a profession. You don't have to answer, this is me venting. :)

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