”Je suis descendu au escalier roulant.”


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1 April 2019

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”Je suis descendu au escalier roulant.”

Can you say this? Or would it have to be “J‘ai descendu l’escalier roulant.” 

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2 April 2019


Your first example should use de instead of au to say Je suis descendu de l'escalier roulant. This would mean I got off the escalator. If you were to leave it as is, it would mean I went down to the escalator. If that's your intended meaning, then by all means. :)

Your second example means I went down the escalator

Similar meanings, but slightly nuanced. 

By the way, I know what you're trying to convey, but you can use l'escalator instead of l'escalier roulant (moving stairs). I'm not a native speaker though, so if I'm wrong, someone please correct me. 

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