Je n'y cois pas

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Je n'y cois pas

Please, take a look at:

Asked 5 years ago
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There's the fixed idiomatic phrase: Je n'y crois pas. -- I don't believe it. But in general, the verb croire can go with a simple direct object (without preposition) but it can also use à or en as prepositions with a slight shift in nuance.

croire qqc -- to believe something. Tu crois qu'il arrive? - Oui, je le crois. Here le is required to refer back to the idea mentioned in the previous question.

I hope that helps.

ChrisC1Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor

In English 'I don't believe it' and ' I don't believe so', are quite different. The first is definite, the second carries at least a modicum of doubt. Yet 'je ne le crois pas' seems to mean both. is that correct?

Je n'y cois pas

Please, take a look at:

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