Imparfait after subjunctive? Just use imparfait subjunctive?


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9 August 2018

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Imparfait after subjunctive? Just use imparfait subjunctive?

I just took one of the writing quizzes and am confused by two grammar issues: using imparfait after "bien que". The sentence: "even though she had already been camping in this forest for a week.

1. I wrote: "Bien qu'elle campait déjà depuis une semaine dans cette forêt"  I assumed this is correct because we're saying "had already been" with depuis.  However, the correct answer was supposed to be, "Bien qu'elle campe déjà dans cette forêt depuis une semaine" ( I thought the present tense with "depuis" would mean "was or has been"camping).

2. Also, since the verb is after "bien que" should we use the subjunctive imparfait: compât ? "Bien qu'elle campât déjà depuis une semaine dans cette forêt"

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11 August 2018


Your second example, using the imperfect subjunctive, is given as one of the correct answers. But, like you, I don't understand why the present subjunctive is considered preferable.

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