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I have the same question about haïr. Why is it wrong? Thanks. K


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31 July 2017

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I have the same question about haïr. Why is it wrong? Thanks. K

This relates to:
Aimer que / détester que + Le Subjonctif = to like / hate that -


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8 August 2017


Bonjour K,
Here is a link to the «Subjunctivisor» on this site. I searched it and was unable to locate haïr as a verb that needs the subjunctive; however, Aurèlie gave a response that indicates yes:
«The answer is yes: haïr is a synonym of détester, though less commonly used nowadays, and just like détester, will be followed by Le Subjonctif:
Je hais que tu sois si parfait !
I hate that you are so perfect! »

Bonne chance !


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9 August 2017


Bonjour K !

You are right: "haïr" and "détester" are indeed synonyms in this context.

Thanks to you, I've now updated the question to accept this alternate correct answer:
"Nous ne haïssons pas qu'elle soit là."

Merci et à bientôt !

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