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How do you know when to use 'encore' and when to use 'toujours'?

Wendy S.B1Kwiziq community member

How do you know when to use 'encore' and when to use 'toujours'?

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Asked 6 years ago
Ron T.C1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor
Bonjour Wendy, «Toujours» is commonly thought to translate to «always», in fact until I looked it up in Collins-Robert, I was unaware that it is a synonym for «encore». «Encore» on the other hand has several meanings, again from the Collins-Robert: encore (ɑ̃kɔʀ ) adverb 1. (continuation) still ⇒ Il y travaille encore. He's still working on it. ⇒ Il est encore au travail. He's still at work. pas encore not yet ⇒ Il n'est pas encore rentré. He isn't home yet. 2. (= de nouveau) again ⇒ Il m'a encore demandé de l'argent. He asked me for money again. ⇒ J'irai encore demain. I'll go again tomorrow. 3. (= de plus) encore un ... or encore une ... one more ..., another ... ⇒ encore un effort one last effort ⇒ encore un verre another glass ⇒ encore deux jours two more days ⇒ Encore un peu de gâteau? Would you like some more cake? ⇒ Il reste encore deux morceaux de gâteau. There are two pieces of cake left. encore une fois once again encore! (insatisfaction) not again! quoi encore? what now? 4. (intensif) even, still ⇒ encore plus fort even louder, louder still ⇒ encore mieux even better, better still ⇒ hier encore as recently as yesterday non seulement ..., mais encore ... not only ..., but also ... 5. si encore --> if only 6. encore que --> although Jj'espère encore cela vous aiderait. Bonne chance

How do you know when to use 'encore' and when to use 'toujours'?

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