How do we express "to make someone late?"


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2 May 2016

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How do we express "to make someone late?"

The Week One B2 writing challenge used "mettre" rather than "faire" to say when something (a taxi) made me late ("m'a mis en retard"). Is there a lesson with some examples on using mettre? Thanks.

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3 May 2016


Bonjour John,

Unfortunately, we don't currently have a lesson on the expression "mettre <quelqu'un> en retard" (to make someone late), but it's an excellent suggestion!

In the meantime, here are a few examples for you to enjoy:
"Mon fils me met toujours en retard."    (My son always makes me late.)
"Ma voiture est tombée en panne, ce qui m'a mis(e) en retard."    (My car broke down, which made me late.)
"Ne me mets pas en retard !"    (Don't make me late!)

I hope that's useful!

A bientôt !

ly fen

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8 May 2016


Bonjour, can we use "faire" like : "Il m'a fait en retard à cause de sa voiture est en panne"? Thanks.


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9 January 2017


Bonjour Ly Fen ! No, in this context, you cannot use "faire", but you will use the expression "mettre < quelqu'un > en retard".


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8 March 2017


There is the expression "mettre du temps" (employer un certain temps) You may recall in British English that we can use an expression "to put some time in ..." So I can see "mettre" translating to "The taxi employed a certain amount of time making you late" I hope this way of looking at the translation will help you? Alan

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