Gerard’s House writing A-1

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4 February 2019

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Gerard’s House writing A-1

In the first sentence Emma: Today I am visiting Gérard’s House your answer is Aujourd’hui je visite la maison de Gérard.

I thought visite is for museums, not peoplés house. For people we should use rendre visite. Please explain 

Also, la maison de Gérard, = chez Gérard? 

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4 February 2019


Bonjour Claudia !

Here it's about the nuance between visiting someone (at their place), and visiting the house that belongs to them :)

When you say "I'm visiting Gérard's house", you mean visiting the building, the house that belongs to Gérard, hence using "visiter".

If you were to visit your friend Gérard (who lives in a house), then you'd say "I'm visiting Gérard", and in French you'd say "Je rends visite à Gérard".

You wouldn't be able to say "Je rends visite chez Gérard" nor "Je visite chez Gérard" : these sentences sound off in French, a bit like saying "I'm visiting at Gerard's house".

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !

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