Faulty question

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26 April 2018

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Faulty question

Oscar  à compter jusqu'à dix en français. (Oscar manages to count up to ten in French.)HINT: Conjugate "arriver" (to manage) in Le Présent 

Should this be ("gerer" ----to manage)


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26 April 2018


No, gérer means e.g. to manage a company.

To manage to do something is arriver à + infinitive.


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26 April 2018


Bonjour Peter et Alan !

I'll complete Alan's answer as such: 

arriver à [faire quelque chose]  =  to manage [to do something]
réussir à [faire quelque chose]  =  to manage/succeed in [doing something]

gérer [quelque chose] = to manage/ deal with [something]

I hope that's helpful!

Bonne journée !

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