Family = people?


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11 March 2019

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Family = people?

I was surprised to see on one of my tests that "à ma famille" could be replaced by "y," since I thought you could not use "y" as a pronoun for people. Could you use "y" in place of "à mes amis" as well, for example -- as in "Je pense à mes amis." --> "J'y pense"? Can you please clarify this rule? Thanks!

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9 April 2019


Hi Max!

A similar question was asked in this thread, here is what Laura wrote:

"Good Question. While "family" refers a group of people, in French the fact that it's a group is more important than what that group is comprised of. Y replaces the "group" not "people," if that makes sense. You can't use y when referring to specific people by name, relationship, occupation, etc. I hope that makes sense."

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