Do capital Cs have to have a cedilla

DeborahB2Kwiziq community member

Do capital Cs have to have a cedilla

Asked 5 years ago
ChrisC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor Correct answer

There is a modernist view which, increasingly, omits all diacritical marks from capital letters, the cedilla included. The Academie Française, however, argues for inambiguity and ease of reading and comes down in favor of using them.

Here is more about this:

DeborahB2Kwiziq community member

Thank you! I thought capitals had been used without diacritics for donkeys' years (since I was at school), though I knew you could use them for clarity. Thanks for the enlightenment!

BukolaA2Kwiziq community member

I really like this exercise, it helped me to know my level in listening comprehension.

Do capital Cs have to have a cedilla

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