Dictionary That Shows Regular Verbs


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21 February 2017

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Dictionary That Shows Regular Verbs

Hi, does anyone know of a French-English dictionary that gives the definition of a verb but also states if it is regular or not? I am trying to put together some vocab on the Anki Flash card app and I think it would be useful to know which verbs are regular and so easier to learn. I've seen the lessons on the irregularities of verbs with E(x)ER etc. but was thinking if I could do with it being written down somewhere. Thanks, Rich


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10 April 2017


Hi Rich, I am not aware of a verb dictionary that lists just the irregular verbs: however, Barron's publishes one titled: "Barron's Foreign Language Guides 501 French Verbs" which has conjugation tables of 501 of the most used verbs in the French language. Under each verb heading it states if it is an irregular verb. I began studying French in 1999 and have found this book quite useful. Here is the ISBN number: ISBN-13: 978-0764179839. You should be able to use the ISBN to search online if you are interested in purchasing a copy. It appears to cost $10 or less online. Best wishes bonne chance.

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