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dans vrs à

Sarah G.A1Kwiziq community member

dans vrs à

when do you use dans for "in" instead of à

Asked 1 year ago
Chris W.C1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor Correct answer

Dans is generally used for being inside of something, e.g., a room, a box, etc. But, just to confuse you, it is also used for geographic regions of male gender (e.g., J'habite dans le New Jersey). It's difficult to come up with a general and clear-cut rule.

There are several kwiziq lessons waiting for you that will address the various uses of dans vs à.

CélineKwiziq team member

Bonjour Sarah,

Take a look here where you'll find more lessons on "dans": Prépositions

Bonne journée !

dans vrs à

when do you use dans for "in" instead of à

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