Correct Versions of Sentences

Correct Versions of Sentences

Bonjour Madame !

I would like to ask a question regarding two sentences provided by Kwizbot during my test. I believe you would answer it.

1. Paul, lequel elle fait confiance à, est un menteur.

2. La femme qui j’écris à s’appelle Josiane.

These sentences were to be marked incorrect. But, will the correct sentences be as follows-

- Paul, auquel/ à qui elle fait confiance, est un menteur.

- La femme à qui/ à laquelle j’écris, s’appelle Josaine.  

Merci pour répondre à ma question. 

Asked 2 months ago
ChrisC1Correct answer

Yes, the second versions are correct. You can't place the proposition at the end of the clause.

Merci Madame Cécile et Monsieur Chris !

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