Comparatives/Superlatives - Bon/Bien/Meilleur/Mieux etc


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5 February 2018

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Comparatives/Superlatives - Bon/Bien/Meilleur/Mieux etc

this is one of the most difficult exercises for me to understand - whilst I read all your examples over and over, I still cannot grasp the usage - It is possible to have a quiz on just this exercise? With lots of questions and either fill in the blanks or complete the sentence with own text? I need BOOT CAMP on this. cheers Dragana

This relates to:
Meilleur, mieux, pire / plus mauvais, plus mal = better, best, worse and worst (irregular comparatives and superlatives) -


Kwiziq community member

5 February 2018


Hi Dragana, you are definitely not alone on this. While the topic is too large to answer here in the forum, I definitely think that it would benefit from more and more specific lessons and exercises.

I hope someone from kwiziq is going to take notice, because there have been many questions about this topic.

-- Chris.

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