Can you use demi(e) and moitié interchangeably


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8 September 2016

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Can you use demi(e) and moitié interchangeably

j'ai mangé la moitié du chocolat j'ai mangé un demi-chocolat

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9 September 2016


Bonjour Diana !

In most cases meaning "half", "demi(e)" and "une/la moitié de" are equivalent.
Une demie-baguette / la moitié d'une baguette

However, "demi(e)" refers more to a characteristic of the object (it's a half-thing) rather than a quantity as such.
So in the case of chocolate, you only say "un demi-chocolat" if you actually ate a half (piece of) chocolate, but if you refer to half a given quantity of chocolate, then it will be "la moitié du chocolat" :)

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !

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