Bonjour à tous! Why is it "Vous êtes DES parents"?


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17 July 2016

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Bonjour à tous! Why is it "Vous êtes DES parents"?

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18 July 2016


Bonjour Nan !

"Vous êtes des parents." means "You are parents." in a general way, i.e. you have children.
Here "des" is the indefinite article, see the related lesson:

You could also say "Vous êtes les parents." which would be specific to a given situation ("You are the parents (of that child)").

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !


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22 September 2016


got a doubt....etre conjucation ....vous etes means they are am i right or wrong ???!!! sorry for spelling errors ...typing on the keyboard thus not able to put the accents

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