Agreement of Participle with Indirect Object

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10 May 2018

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Agreement of Participle with Indirect Object

Whoops, my question was posted incomplete.

As I was saying (!), in the examples there is agreement between the indirect object and the participle:

La télé? Oui, Marc l'a regardée

Ces épisodes? Il les avait déjà vus

If this is the case, then shouldn't 'Tu lui as parlé' translate as 'You talked to him', BUT 'Tu lui as parlée translate as 'You talked to her'?

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10 May 2018


Bonjour Hugh !

Actually you never agree the past participle with an indirect object, only a direct object placed before the auxiliary avoir.

Have a look at our related lesson:

I hope that's helpful!

À bientôt !

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