I miss French food!

"La nourriture française me manque !"
French B1 writing exercise

Hélène tells Betty how she's coping with missing French food abroad.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to move [somewhere]", "over time", "to get used to [something]", "to import", "frustrating", "to be familiar to [someone]", "the worst thing is", "once", "for double...", "a rip-off".

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- Hélène, you moved to England eight years ago. What do you miss the most about France? - Without hesitation, I'd say the food! Over time I got used to English supermarkets, and I learned to find the small shops which import French products, but in the beginning it could be frustrating, because nothing was familiar to me. The first year, I used to go back every six weeks to Toulouse, and every time I'd come back with a suitcase full of food! The worst thing is the price of French wine in London. Once, I saw a bottle of Chablis that I used to buy regularly at home, for double what it used to cost me over there! What a rip-off!