My hot-headed nephew

"Mon neveu colérique"
French B2 writing exercise

Michel talks about how his nephew used to get on his nerves.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to get on one's nerves", "every time...", "to have a temper tantrum", "to lose a game", "constantly", "to challenge one's authority", "to indulge one's every whim", "to feel helpless", "in the face of", "a behaviour", "to claim", "to be available", "to improve", "[someone] to turn into".

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My nephew Benjamin really used to get on my nerves when he was younger. Every time he stayed at our house, my kids refused to play with him because he would have a temper tantrum if he lost a game that they were playing together. He would also constantly challenge my authority if I refused to indulge his every whim. I would have liked Benjamin to understand that he couldn't get everything he wanted. But I felt absolutely helpless in the face of his behaviour. I even started to claim that we weren't available. Fortunately, over time, his behaviour has improved little by little and he has turned into a lovely young man!

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