City vs dog poop

"La ville contre les crottes de chien"
French B2 writing exercise

Alain and Pauline discuss the city's measures to fight against dog waste.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "town council [US: city hall] (France)", "to fine [someone] / a fine", "a dog owner", "to pick [something] up", "to hear about [a news]", "to jog", "to be on patrol", "to point at [someone]", "poo/poop", "to fertilise the soil", "to reply [to someone]", "it only [did]", "for now", "to go up to (price)", "oh dear!", "a dog walker", "to be careful".

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- Did you know that the town council [US: city hall] has decided to fine the dog owners who don't pick up their excrement? - No, I hadn't heard about that! - Last Monday, while she was jogging in the park, my daughter Lisa saw an elderly woman talking to two policemen who were on patrol, while pointing at a young man and his dog. The policemen then went and fined him! He tried to explain that poo helped fertilise the soil, but the policeman replied (to him) that this was completely false and (that) actually, it only polluted more. For now, the fine is fixed at thirty-five euros, but it could go up to more than a hundred euros! - Oh dear! My son has been working as a dog walker for a few weeks, I'll tell him to be careful!

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