Police Station Dialogue
French writing exercise

Dialogue de commissariat

Detective Jacques Poireau is interviewing a murder suspect.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"a relationship", "to state [something]", "feelings towards [someone]", "nothing ever...", "to pick [someone] up", "to drop [someone] at home", "in a hurry", "phone records", "to have too much to drink", "to get behind the wheel".

I’ll give you some sentences to translate into French

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- What was the nature of your relationship with the victim, Jeanne Chancel? - We were friends, nothing more. - Her sister stated that Jeanne had spoken to her about you, and that her feelings towards you seemed more than friendly. - I think she would have liked for us to be more than friends, but I swear [to you] that nothing ever happened between us! - If you say so... When did you last talk to her? - It was two days before she disappeared. She needed someone to come and pick her up at the train station. I had dropped her at home in a hurry because I had to go and meet with a colleague. Call him, he'll confirm it [to you]! - And how do you explain your phone records which show that you called her the night before her disappearance? - I wasn't even home that night! I had visited my brother Patrick and we'd had too much to drink for me to get behind the wheel, so I spent the night on his couch.

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