Relationships with family

Say how you get along with your family, who you like or dislike and why.


Très Very
Les parents The parents / relatives
Ma mère My mother
Assez Quite
La famille The family
Mon père My father
Plutôt Rather
Les grands-parents The grandparents
Mon frère My brother
Un peu A bit
Le grand-père The grandfather
La sœur The sister
Vraiment Really
La grand-mère The grandmother
Trop Too (much)
énervant Annoying (masculine)
énervante Annoying (feminine)
Gentil Kind (masculine)
Gentille Kind (feminine)
S'amuser To have fun
Se disputer To have an argument
Avec With
S'entendre bien To get along
Petit Younger (brother)
Petite Younger (sister)
Grand Older (brother)
Grande Older (sister)
Aimer To love
Aimer To like
Détester To hate


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