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Shopping - general

A selection of vocabulary related to shops.


La monnaie Change
Fermer To close
Essayer To try/try on
Vendre To sell
Le reçu The receipt
Goûter To taste
Le panier The basket
Le chariot The trolley
Le client The customer
La caisse The cash desk/till
Ouvrir To open
Le ticket de caisse The receipt
La pointure Size (shoes)
Payer To pay
Acheter To buy
La taille Size (clothing)
Ouvert Open
Fermé Closed

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DavidC1Kwiziq community member

Which is commoner - le reçu or le ticket de caisse?

Asked 9 months ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi David, 

A 'ticket de caisse' is a printed receipt from a till which you receive when you do your shopping so it is the  most common.

A 'reçu' will prove receipt of payment for goods or services and is more of a business transaction.

Hope this helps!

Which is commoner - le reçu or le ticket de caisse?

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