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Elections / Les élections (v)

Useful French vocabulary related to voting and the election process


La démocratie Democracy
Voter To vote
Le suffrage universel Popular vote (US)
Le suffrage universel Universal suffrage
Une élection An election
Élire To elect
Un candidat A candidate (m)
Une candidate A candidate (f)
Un électeur A voter (m)
Une électrice A voter (f)
Un bureau de vote A polling station
Un bulletin de vote A ballot paper
Une urne A ballot box
Voter blanc To cast a blank vote
S'abstenir To abstain
Le dépouillement Vote counting
Un vote blanc A blank vote
Un vote nul A rejected ballot paper
L'abstention Abstention
Le taux de participation Voter turnout (rate)

Q&A Forum 1 question, 2 answers

RebeccaB2Kwiziq community member

Est-ce que le traduction de "popular vote" = "le suffrage universel"?

Asked 11 months ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Rebecca, 

'Popular Vote' has been backed by Laura for the US.

Certainly in France, the term,  Le Suffrage Universel is very much in use as seen as one of our sacred rights.

I remember my father telling me when I once asked him who he had voted for in an election, that -

"C'est un suffrage universel et secret !"

I grew up never knowing what his electoral tendencies were...

MaartenC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

In Australia 'universal suffrage' (not a term in everyday use), and 'popular vote' (a term used at pretty much every election) have different meanings. The definition of «le suffrage universel» in Larousse is consistent with 'universal suffrage' but not with the term 'popular vote', as used here.  

Est-ce que le traduction de "popular vote" = "le suffrage universel"?

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