Sport - mountains / Les sports de montagne (v)

Useful French vocabulary related to mountain activities, in winter and summer


Faire du ski To ski
Skier To ski
Une piste de ski A ski slope
Le ski Skiing
Le ski de fond Cross-country skiing
La natation Swimming
Le parapente Paragliding
Le bicross Mountain biking
La spéléologie Potholing
La randonnée Hiking
Une luge A sled / sledge
Le hockey sur glace Ice hockey
Le patinage Iceskating
La patinoire An ice rink
Le bobsleigh Bobsleighing
Le snowboard Snowboarding
Les sports d'hiver Winter sports

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WassanA0Kwiziq community member

what is bobsleighing mean?

Asked 2 years ago
PaulC1Kwiziq community member

I 5hink bobsleigh is American I think in English we say sledge 

PaulC1Kwiziq community member
I think Bobsleigh is American I think in English we say sledge
CécileKwiziq team member

Hi Wassan,

Are you questioning the meaning of the sport or the use of the word Bobsleighing rather than Bobsleigh?

what is bobsleighing mean?

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