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Friday A1 Writing Challenge - At the bakery

List of lessons related to the Writing Challenge Level A1 entitled "At the bakery"

Level AchievementScore Lesson Feedback  
A1 : Beginner   Definite articles contract with à and de in French (French Contracted Articles)
A1 : Beginner   Asking questions in French with "qui/que/quoi/quand/où/comment/pourquoi/combien" (French Question Words)
A1 : Beginner   Expressing how you are with aller (Greetings in French)
A1 : Beginner   Conjugate aller in the present tense in French (Le Présent)
A1 : Beginner   Moi/toi/lui/elle = Me/you/him/her - simple cases (French Stress Pronouns)
A1 : Beginner   Notre/nos/votre/vos/leur/leurs = our/your/their (French Possessive Adjectives)
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Bien, mal, mieux, moins, peu (Irregular French Adverbs)
A1 : Beginner   Conjugate regular -er verbs in the present tense in French (Le Présent)
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Ce/cet/cette and ces = this/that and these/those (French Demonstrative Adjectives)
A0 : Entry Level   Je voudrais vs je veux to say that you want something in French
A0 : Entry Level   Most French nouns take an -s in the plural unless they already end in -s, -x, -z
A1 : Beginner   Compound nouns formed with prepositions à/de/en in French
A1 : Beginner   Conjugate avoir in the present tense in French (Le Présent)
A1 : Beginner   Asking yes/no questions in French with intonation, est-ce que, n'est-ce pas (French Questions)
A0 : Entry Level   Plurals of the and a = les and des (articles) in French
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Common mistakes with mon/ma/mes, ton/ta/tes and son/sa/ses (French Possessive Adjectives)
A1 : Beginner   Conjugate être in the present tense in French (Le Présent)
A1 : Beginner   Me/te/nous/vous = Me/you/us/you (French Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns)
A0 : Entry Level   Position of French Adjectives - Short and common adjectives that go BEFORE nouns
A1 : Beginner   Forming the feminine of nouns and adjectives ending in "-ien/-ion/-on" in French
A1 : Beginner   An vs année, matin vs matinée, jour vs journée, soir vs soirée to express a time unit or a duration in French
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