Premium Learn French With Alexa and Kwiziq Features

Benefits to upgrading to a paid subscription

Learn French With Alexa and Kwiziq can be used for free indefinitely if 10 kwizzes per month is enough. To supercharge your French, upgrade to a Premium package for all these great features:

1. Unlimited Kwizzes

More kwizzes mean more French learning, it's as simple as that!

2. Interactive Brainmap

Watch your French skills progress with every kwiz you take.

3. Writing Challenges

Put your French to the test with weekly translation exercises.

4. Dictation exercises

Test your French listening comprehension with weekly dictation exercises.

5. Multiple Notebooks

Group lessons by topic, difficulty, or any other criteria you like.

To get immediate access to all of these great features, upgrade to Premium Learn French With Alexa and Kwiziq!


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