French language lessons

acheter (to buy)

aimer (to like, love)

ajouter (to add)

aller (to go)

appeler (to call)

apprendre (to learn)

arrêter (to stop, to arrest)

arriver (to arrive, to happen)

attendre (to wait [for])

avoir (to have)

boire (to drink)

chanter (to sing)

chercher (to look for)

choisir (to choose)

commencer (to begin)

comprendre (to understand)

compter (to count)

conduire (to drive)

connaître (to know)

courir (to run)

couvrir (to cover)

crier (to scream)

croire (to believe)

demander (to ask [for])

descendre (to go down, get off)

devenir (to become)

devoir (to have to, must)

dire (to say, tell)

donner (to give)

dormir (to sleep)

écouter (to listen [to])

écrire (to write)

entendre (to hear)

entrer (to enter)

envoyer (to send)

être (to be)

étudier (to study)

expliquer (to explain)

faire (to do, make)

finir (to finish)

garder (to keep)

jeter (to throw)

jouer (to play)

laisser (to leave)

laver (to wash)

lever (to lift)

lire (to read)

manger (to eat)

marcher (to walk)

mettre (to put)

monter (to go up, take up)

montrer (to show)

mourir (to die)

naître (to be born)

occuper (to occupy)

offrir (to offer)

oublier (to forget)

ouvrir (to open)

paraître (to appear)

parler (to talk, speak)

partir (to leave)

payer (to pay)

penser (to think)

perdre (to lose)

permettre (to permit, allow)

porter (to carry, wear)

pousser (to push)

pouvoir (to be able to, can)

prendre (to take)

quitter (to leave)

rappeler (to recall, call back)

recevoir (to receive)

reconnaître (to recognize)

regarder (to watch, look at)

rendre (to give back, return)

rentrer (to return home, bring inside)

répondre (to respond, answer)

rester (to stay)

retourner (to return, turn over)

retrouver (to find (again), to meet again)

revenir (to come back)

savoir (to know)

sembler (to seem)

sentir (to smell, taste, feel)

sortir (to go out)

souffrir (to suffer)

sourire (to smile)

suivre (to follow)

tenir (to hold)

tomber (to fall)

tourner (to turn, stir)

travailler (to work)

trouver (to find)

vendre (to sell)

venir (to come)

vivre (to live)

voir (to see)

vouloir (to want)

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