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Expressions avec "il y a"

Idioms with "il y a"

The phrase il y a is very commonly used in French. It can be translated literally as "it has there" but has very different meanings in different contexts.

1. there is, there are

Il y a un cinéma où j'habite. - There is a cinema where I live.

Il y a trois voitures garées dans ma rue. - There are three cars parked on my street.

2. it is (in reference to weather)

Il y a du soleil. - It is sunny.

Il y a des nuages. -It is cloudy.

3. ago (when followed by a period of time)

Je t'ai rencontré il y a trois ans. - I met you three years ago.

Il est parti il y a cinq minutes. - He left five minutes ago.

Il y a is the present tense: a is the third person singular conjugation of avoir. To use this expression in any other tense or mood, just conjugate avoir accordingly.

Il y avait un cinéma. - There was a cinema.

Il y aura du soleil. - It will be sunny.

Je veux qu'il y ait une solution. - I want there to be a solution.

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