Weather adjectives


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15 June 2016

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Weather adjectives

With the adjectives given above (ensoleillé, pluvieux, nuageux, brumeux, orageux) would it be appropriate to use the Il fait + [adjective] form with these, or is only the Le temps est [adjective] form used? Thank-you.

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17 June 2016


Bonjour Andy, You can indeed use the expression "Il fait" + adjective with these adjectives: "Il fait pluvieux, nuageux, brumeux, orageux" BUT I wouldn't use it with "ensoleillé" though: I would say: "Le temps est ensoleillé" or "C'est ensoleillé aujourd'hui". Voilà! I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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9 August 2017


Aurélie, you should then correct one of your previous replies where you said " Actually, in French you won't use il fait with specific adjectives likes nuageux..."

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