personne vs. aucun(e) redux


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27 July 2016

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personne vs. aucun(e) redux

i just got a quiz question: (B1 quiz) Ont-ils répondu ? - Oui. ___ n'est intéressé. (Have they answered ? - Yes. None (of them) are interested.) The choices were: Aucune Aucune d'entre elles Aucun Aucun d'entre eux Personne The correct answers were: Aucun Aucun d'entre eux This seems to contradict Laura's answer to a previous question; Personne means "no one" in French while aucun means "none" - the latter is used for things, not people. So, according to this, the correct answer should be "personne". I remain confused about aucun (ne) vs. personne (ne). Halp!

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French lesson "Personne ne ..., rien ne ... = No one, nothing (negation)"


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3 August 2016


Bonjour Melody, Thanks for pointing out this inconsistency. Aurélie and I will talk about it and get back to you. :-)

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